What about Copyright?

Obeying a particular area of copyright law does vary from country to country but MediaClamp gives you freedom to comply in a manner that ensures your streaming video and audio is locked and secure.

What about Video Formats

MediaClamp will convert all popular video formats and prepare them for streaming. MediaClamp will keep your video aspect the same as the original so there is no “funny” shaped videos to watch, making MediaClamp an important part of a professional web learning experience.

What about Storage?

When you upload your media you are given an opportunity to assign categories and tags which makes finding clips in the MediaClamp library easy, this helps you to easily utilise media for differing learning outcomes.

What about Monitoring

MediaClamp gives you a way to observe how many students have utilised a particular media source as well as provides you a safe place to store media that you are looking to roll out in the future. You will have access to the MediaClamp library and have all the MediaClamp statistical features available for review.

What about Performance?

We take care of all the hard work, and you get the great user friendly interface of MediaClamp right inside your moodle, there is no server drain on your moodle which frees it up for other functions. It’s really that simple!

What about Instalation?

You choose your pricing plan and nominate your moodle web address, we will then send you a small file to upload into your moodle (or we can do it for you), once that’s done- MediaClamp will securely be available on your site.

What about displaying videos?

Once your media is uploaded it’s as simple as grabbing the embed code and pasting it as HTML in your moodle activity, or in reverse just remove the embed code and replace it with another from your library. Your media remains in place on MediaClamp ready to be used at your leisure.