Video for Learning

Secure Safe Professional
Media for learning easily managed inside MediaClamp.

MediaClamp - Protection!

Your media is stored on our secure server.

Your media can only be seen on your domain in your moodle.
(but you can make it public if you want to!)

You have full control and can manage your media anytime.

MediaClamp - its easy!

We take care of all the hard work.

You get the great user friendly interface of MediaClamp right inside your moodle.

It’s really that simple! Video Streaming for your class or "flick a switch" and anyone can watch.

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MediaClamp - Moodle

Private & Secure video and audio streaming  
You can easily organise media in your own Library and regulate your Copyright obligations in your Moodle Online classroom.  
Your video and audio files are uploaded by you and are converted on our server to high quality flv (flash) files as well as html5 for handheld computers (iphone android etc).  
Your video and audio are easily embedded into your moodle course from the integrated MediaClamp library.

Video and Audio

MediaClamp is ideal for anyone using moodle for online training and looking to safely enhance their online course material with secure video and audio
MediaClamp is a product that will serve you in a user friendly way
“Your own online moodle course, your own video and audio library.”
You can even allow your students to submit video reports and webcam clips right inside your moodle.


HD and Priority converting
Domain Level Privacy
Easy embed in Moodle
Advanced Statistics
Player Customisation
Easy to use interface
Cost effective storage plans
Automatic Flash and HTML5

What is it?

ediaClamp is a tool that lets you manage all your Video and Audio in a way that your moodle class can view.         

ediaClamp prevents your media files from being viewed on other sites and provides a way to assist you in complying with Copyright laws. MediaClamp also organises all your audio and video into an easily searchable library.  

ediaClamp is a brand new way to handle your internet media needs. We have designed it specifically as a tool to allow Moodle educators a way to have more control over media files employed in their educational strategies.  

ediaClamp helps considerably with copyright and privacy protection. The only people that can hear or watch your media are those who have access to your courses in moodle on your domain- this helps prevent your students from using media that isn’t meant for them.  

ediaClamp assigned teachers will see an administration block in your moodle allowing you access to the MediaClamp server. Here is where you can upload video and audio into the MediaClamp library.  

ediaClamp runs entirely on our server thus eliminating server load on your own moodle platform but your students see the MediaClamp iteem in your moodle of which they simply click to activate the audio or video track.